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Video and Virtualizaton

What if you could search a video, just like how you search text content on Google? This would allow marketers to create content like never before.

With the evolution of video compression methods, the way videos are accessed, managed and modified has changed dramatically over the years. This evolution will not stop any time soon.

In many aspects of advertising, video will remain to be the best solution for representing the product.

Cisco predicts that video will dominate online world, and 80 percent of internet marketing will be done with videos by 2021.

The way video will impact the market in the near future is through virtualisation.

Virtualisation is the future

Video virtualisation allows the content inside the videos to be searched, split and modified. Big software vendors researching virtualisation and advertising to reveal the potential.

Video virtualisation turns static video files into searchable type of files.  A static video type can be turned into a searchable video type via virtualisation,  allowing data blocks spliced and parsed then become searchable.

Video Virtualisation Engine

Video Virtualisation Engine (VVE), allows users to search for – and assemble – stream videos sources, compiling them into a single video stream that’s ready for display.

VVE was  first used on e learning in 2018. VVE was integrated into e learning courses in 2018. VVE allows for example doctors to search for medicine than various resources mixed together without needing to edit.

Another example would be a football fan can put goals in a highlight reel, relevant parts of the video could also be cut for relevant users. Users can search certain parts of the video instead of searching full length.

With VVE organisations can deliver personalised content to their users.

The Future

VVE is changing the way videos are delivered. Big corporations are adapting VVE to deliver their users. By combining Artificial intelligence with VVE the corporations can deliver accurate data to their users. VVE opens up a whole new world of video use cases for everyone. Now it is your turn to adapt to this great technology.

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