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Google My Business QA Tool

Google My Business is essential for Search Engine Optimization, Google verified businesses come up on much higher places on search results, Google My Business content is the selling point as that’s what the users see first when they find you on google results or Google Maps. Q&A is an important but a neglected Google My Business tool. Despite the power it has Q&A is underutilized by Google My Business users.

Local Guides

91 Percent of the questions are ignored by Business owners. When the questions are unanswered Google local guides provide the answers of the questions. Local Guides in general are people that never used your services and have the authority to affect your business with these answers.

Your customers want quick answers to their questions. With Q&A they get their answers immediately in many cases.


Are you open today? Can I make a reservation? are most common questions your customers are asking, It is always a good idea to mention that you integrated Live Chat support CRM feature on your website. I am going to mention how you can install a free super simple live chat tool Tawk.to  below.

Other questions are like,  parking places ? Delivery methods? mostly questions that allow users to locate your business comfortably. It would be a good idea to provide this content on the profiles and websites. Having a a live chat feature also helps you to get good Google review score from your customers.

Why  Q&A Important? 

One of the businesses I worked for got one negative Google review, which was left by a local guide who never used their services. Local Guides don’t leave reliable answers related to your business.


Free live chat support for your websites, installing Tawk to

With Tawk to you can give instant live support to your prospectus customers. Unlike their competitors Tawk to is a free chat client. Tawk allows you to track your users, you can see which pages they are visiting and the time they spend on each page.

When the visitor is typing you can see what they are typing on your end real time, so for example if they change their minds you can follow them .

Adding tawk chat to your wordpress site – Answer your website visitors questions directly from your mobile phone :

Installing tawk client takes less than a minute, you can install the wordpress plugin from the wordpress plugins directory. After installation you need to create an account than add your website(s).

You can also change colors, design, time intervals before display from tawk to dashboard.

Tawk mobile app

One of the greatest features of Tawk is, you can give direct support to your website customers from your mobile phone tawk to application, when a visitor visits your site you get a notification sound.

Tawk desktop app

If you want to give support to your customers you can always use desktop app rather than the web dashboard which works exactly same.

With tawk you never miss a client, give instant support and you can even sell through the chat window with shopping cart integration.  There are many more features Tawk offers. Why are you waiting ? Install tawk today.



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