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Eyelevel.ai Contextual Live Chat Advertising

AI is the future, chatbots have become hugely important to businesses looking to offer instant support to their customers. Most businesses will manage their conversations with customers without human support in the near future.  A San-Fransisco based start up Eyelevel.ai built a conversational marketing platform that offers smart contextual ads within the chat windows. Eyelevel keeps track of the key phrases in a conversation and bring relevant ads to visitors.

Recommendations in a conversation

Recommendations is a features that Eyelevel offers for their customers, if the visitor mentions the needs to buy a pair of Nike trainers, Eyelevel brings up a list of trainers in a horizontal slider for visitor to click. Horizontal slider takes user to the purchase screen upon click.  Natural Languge processing with the data modelling is the idea behind serving live chat advertising.

Eyelevel also supports advertising networks, Eyelevel says 45 advertisesr already sign up with them.

Finally, time is money, bringing your customers ads at the right time means increase in sales and revenues. This is not yet completed it’s evolution though it has a bright promising future.



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