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Meet Klippyo

When you make a video,  you are just thinking ‘video’ In 2019, video can mean many different things. Square or Classic. Meme videos for killer social engagement. Vertical for optimal mobile viewing. Captioned for better ad results now autoplay has been muted. Compilation vids for super-fast production. You don’t need ‘video’. You need the RIGHT...More Please


  WHAT IS TV BOSS FIRE? WHAT IS ROKU? Roku players are just series of digital media players manufactured by Roku, Inc.  Roku is a media player works on Roku OS for smart TVs.  TV Boss  basically allows you to launch and manage your own TV channel on Roku, the world’s leading provider of TV...More Please

Eyelevel.ai Contextual Live Chat Advertising

AI is the future, chatbots have become hugely important to businesses looking to offer instant support to their customers. Most businesses will manage their conversations with customers without human support in the near future.  A San-Fransisco based start up Eyelevel.ai built a conversational marketing platform that offers smart contextual ads within the chat windows. Eyelevel keeps track...More Please

Google My Business QA Tool

Google My Business is essential for Search Engine Optimization, Google verified businesses come up on much higher places on search results, Google My Business content is the selling point as that’s what the users see first when they find you on google results or Google Maps. Q&A is an important but a neglected Google My...More Please

Video and Virtualizaton

What if you could search a video, just like how you search text content on Google? This would allow marketers to create content like never before. With the evolution of video compression methods, the way videos are accessed, managed and modified has changed dramatically over the years. This evolution will not stop any time soon....More Please

I have been working very hard on new marketing app(s) and soon going to release on this page, it s been over 6 months since I started Unified Marleting app and now it s time to release v1. The app offers great way of viewing marketing and crypto currenci blogs in one page, as soon...More Please

Turning Facebook Fans into Leads

I would like to talk about a new awesome tool recently created by a few successful entrepreneurs called fancontact. Fancontact is all about leveraging powerful Facebook messaging technology to get more sales, increasing engagement and getting more leads simply by connecting your Facebook fan page to a fully interactive cloud-based technology that allows you to message...More Please

VYCO Review

Before you read about VYCO, I would like to offer you a pair of stylus phone/tablet( iOS/Android) pens for free(no credit cards required). Simply join my email list  using the form below, details will be emailed to you. You have to be over 18 to be eligible for this offer or to join my e mail...More Please
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